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This page has litters that were either bred by me or sent in by someone. You can adopt up to a maximum of 3 petz from my site every week & only one per litter (If I don't do this, people are bound to take the good ones from every litter all at once & that's just not fair). The boys' names are in blue & the girls' in pink. (I hate being sterotyped, but I don't want to write out all of their genders)


    All of these doggies carry fuzzy Tamsin genes. They showed up in Frost & Talcum. I was going to put them as the POTL, but then decided that that was a bit unfair on Ivy (I know it's a strange name for a male dog, but his show name is Virgina Creeper; a type of ivy).
POTL: Ivy, the only boy
Adopted: Sabriel

Rink & Finduilas's 2nd Litter!

     Rink & Finduilas's 2nd Litter! Clover's the only non-Tamsin. Doesn't Hugs have a nice show pose?
POTL: Clover; for being the odd one out, just so he can feel a little special
Adopted: Hugs

I went for a Chinese Theme! : )

     Yet another one of Rink & Finduilas's litters! But I can't help it! They always have such cute puppies! Anyways, Empress & Lu Long have some showing potential. Balance's colors are so cute! Black & white like a Yin & Yang. Thanks to a single patch on his toe, Chopsticks is a Tamsin. Lu Long is pronounced Luh-oo Low-ung; you've got to say the syllables together smoothly to say it right. My translation of Lu isn't that accurate, but my keyboard doesn't type pronounciation marks. There's supposed to be something on top of the 'u', like the two dots on top of the 'e' in Chloe.
POTL: Empress; she's got showing potential, spots & she's fuzzy!
Adopted: Balance (by me! I couldn't resisit those colors!)

I can't stop! This will be my last for a while!

     This is going to Rink & Finduilas's final litter for a while; they need a break. They're still going to have single pups, but not another litter for a bit.
     Ellimere is actually these guys neice; she's Sabriel's daughter, but I accidentally only made 5 in this litter, so I added her in. She's still got all the genes they have & probably more. I was happy with how the black ones all ended up a little different from each other. All are tamsins & carry fuzziness genes.
POTL: Ci'gazze (the only fuzzie)
Adopted: Ci'gazze

 Sabril & Torrigan's first litter! Too cute!

     These pups are too cute! Awful lot of black though. I guess that makes the other ones more unique.

     Anyways, their mama is Sabriel, from Rink X Finduilas at the top of the page. Their papa was a randomly bred spotted dust colored Tamsin. Hes definitely now Sabriels permanent mate. Ranna is POTL because I have this thing about fuzzy Tamsins; I love them & Ranna's got the best traits of both her parents. She's got some show potential too (the first thing she did for me when she separated from her mama was pose for me :D.) Yrael & Dyrim got their grandma's coat. Saraneth & Orannis look like their mama, although Orannis has his daddy's eyes. Mosrael''s got some really nice matching eye & coat color (If Ranna didnt have showing potential, he'd be joint POTL with her). I was really pleased with these guys altogether. They're named after the 9 Bright Shiners in the Sabriel Series.


POTL: Ranna
Adopted: None

Adoption Form:
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If I don't feel that your reason for adopting the dog isn't a good one, then I won't send you the dog.

(1) Do not abuse the dog(z).
(2) Return the dog(z) if you can no longer care for it.
(3) Do not put any dog from this site on your website for download, though you can put it up for adoption.
(4) In the form's Why section, give at least 2 valid reasons (for breeding, for showing...ect.)
(5)Keep Ice's in the show prefix if you show them. You can put your own prefix after it.
(6)If you have read & agreed to follow these rules, write 'Tamsins Rule' at the begining of the Why section. Thank you!

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